Unfortunately, job losses have been still recording on a consistent scale amid coronavirus around the world. The impact of COVID-19 has changed the situation of jobs in the US drastically. A huge unemployment rate along with an economic slowdown in the US  puts the country in the worst condition ever, in recent times. Since the pandemic started earlier this year and widely spread between February and May, the US has seen an unemployment rate of 3.8% and 13.0% respectively. Around 14.4% in April 2020 was the second highest after the post-world war-II era and stands at the top in the history of the US. While the same situation of unemployment continues, it might take longer for recovery. However few estimates from the US government reveal that around 16% unemployment rate is recorded during the month of May 2020. Although there have been no confirmed figures of unemployment rates, yet the worst is clearly witnessed. The figures of unemployment in the US during the recent months are yet to be measured with the estimations. Besides, all the countries including developed, and devolving have been massively lost in terms of managing the economy and decreasing unemployment rate. Alongside, underdeveloped countries are seriously affected in all aspects due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
There have been organizations taking up measures to cover the stress of employees while they work from home. But it really matters when the pressure is carried on, both mentally and physically. My Jobs Near Me  tries to address such issues when you work from home and how to overcome them. Few jobs involve a lot of balance while managing work, especially with the creative jobs. The covid-19 situation has proven that Work from Home is not easy as many think. You feel the real stress coming out when maintaining office and domestic needs at a place where you desire to stay most of the time- The Home. Interactions with the clients or internal teams over the phone, setting up virtual meetings, and finalizing critical projects include a great combined effort. This could be made comparatively easy when working at office, while it may complicate things at times when working from home. Let’s look at all the issues while you Work-From-Home and possible solutions. Major issues while you Work-From-Home Many people who Work-from-home may not directly get impacted instantly with the issues but it’s easy to spot during the pandemic, with enough time frame that it provides. One of the major signs is persistence which brings the exhaustion from burnout and that runs. Indeed it doesn’t go away quickly. Take a look at other issues: Not completing work on time Losing track of tasks Going through mood changes like sadness, irritability, or anger Feeling discouraged or apathetic about work Experiencing symptoms of depression Drinking more alcohol than normal, or drinking to cope Getting poor sleep, experiencing insomnia, or having trouble falling asleep Chest pain, increased illness, headaches, dizziness or fainting, heart palpitations, or gastrointestinal pain. Ways to recover from Work-From-Home issues Maintain control Take a break when you get to relax, especially with the stress being bearded for too long. The break may last from hours to days, depending on the condition your body really needs. You can’t just work like a machine even when you are exhausted, while the machines do need some rest to run over perfectly. Managing proper habits Eat healthy, exercise daily, sleep properly- these are not just sayings, but need to be implemented in a daily routine to stay fit and safe. Without energy and health, office work looks to be a burden. Manage all these habits to see a good delivery of results at work. Stay away from the phone for at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. Limitations are important Setting overloading targets all through the time is not necessary, especially when you are away from colleagues and the office. Just agree to the project deliveries that you believe can be finished in desired timelines. Even with huge pay from the employer, none can put forth beyond the limits at work. Besides, health is more important.
It’s not so easy when the money matters a lot for everyone. The same applies to employers when they hire candidates. The present world is full of talent, irrespective of the field. So, you received a job offer, but with the expectations that are not satisfactory on a financial scale. Here comes in a major part of negotiation. But two aspects of when and why does matter. Jobs Near Me explains the way you need to work out things related to salary negotiation, even after you receive a job offer. But keep in mind; you can’t be so hard that you may lose the dream opportunity. Stay in line with the below measures to play safe with the employer while negotiations matter the professional relations. Research salary trends Not all the fields maintain the same pay scale. The salary range differs from one field to another. As an example, professionals working in the medical field for USA Jobs  receive a comparatively higher salary to that of electrical engineers. But be sure you are negotiating on a much higher level, as many hiring managers have a bull eye when saving compensations for the employer. So determine whether your current job offer holds the depth of finance when compared to the market trends outside. The comparison may even be possible when you browse through different job portals that quote the salary offers from more or less the range of other companies with the similar roles that you are assigned. Showcase reasons You can’t blindly just argue with a high band. You are offered a job after a long assessment from the technical panel, hiring manager, and the higher management at times. So a silly negotiation can’t suffice your financial arguments. Explain if you can do more than what the roles of the job position are. You might be creative enough with basic Photoshop skills along with the major part of writing. Jobs in USA are much diversified. Job aspirants may have mixed skills when applying for a role. However their financial expectations might not be reached. So there’s a scope of salary increase after a fruitful discussion. Non-salary benefits Most of them who receive a job offer feel it to be more than enough, after a quick job hunt. However, many companies out there provide extra benefits apart from the annual compensation. Just have a word with the HR before accepting the offer letter. You may be missing reaping benefits from the employer. Besides, discuss if the employer can bear charges for transportation, if you are relocating from far away. A worthy employee is a sure shot matter for any company, so you may be getting shifted with zero personal expenses.
The typical way of walking into the office for an interview has now taken a shift. The new trend of online job interviews is put in place. After the start of unusual circumstances with coronavirus spread, the pattern in the interview process is into a completely different phase. You might be thinking that the fall in hiring is at a worst stage. However it’s not that bad. Truly the businesses got affected badly than ever in recent times. But, the process of hiring candidates for different roles is on the roll, to put the business going. So Jobs Near Me  is providing 5 steps that are mandatory when attending an online job interview . These measures can be really helpful to crack the online interview. Learn about the organization Stay updated with all the basic information about the company- its business areas, departments, and other basics. You might be asked some questions related to the company basics after the technical questions are being posed. Researching the company information fetches you and most of the USA Jobs keep an eye on all the aspects of technicality and basics before shortlisting for the job. Formal dress up You might be thinking that online job interviews provide a feasibility of dressing up casually. But it goes the other way, similar to that of attending an interview at the office. The J obs in USA  are judged on physical appearance which is the foremost factor to represent yourself when you walk-in to the office or take the interview online. Be sure you are keeping on formal wear and you need to know it’s the basics. Keep away Candidates appearing for online job interviews have a regulation of maintaining calmness all around. If your spouse is watching the television or kids playing nearby; it brings in the entire disturbance for you and the interviewer. Stay away from such disturbances or ask them to strictly stay calm until the interview is done. Blur the background There are platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and many others that are being used for the online interview setups. People are getting used to implementing customized backgrounds while going through an online interview, especially by blurring the background. This brings a positive impression and you might feel comfortable adjusting it with something not resembling that good on the back. Time zone matters Be aware of the time difference between your location and the employer. You can’t be attending an interview when you stay in a different state or province to that of the panel’s time zone. So calculate as per the interviewer’s time zone and better pop-up online at least 5-15 minutes before the actual start time set for the interview.
Hunting for a job is no easier, especially without any experience. But Jobs Near Me  provides a brief list of jobs that can be cracked easily, with the so-called zero experience in that particular field.  None can be a master without experiencing an opportunity, hence take a look at what we have for you related to jobs that need no experience and master it as you deep dive into it. Customer Service Representative If you are a kind of person with enthusiasm and easy-going nature, this role is the right fit. Many companies hire huge staff for dealing with customer’s queries and providing solutions. These roles when dealt with USA jobs particularly weigh an average salary of approximately $ 24,213 (USD). However, the responsibilities include a great patience while speaking to the customers and responding to them immediately. It is so easy to crack the job even if you are moving from another field or as a fresher. You most importantly require good communication skills, a positive, team-player attitude, and friendliness at an entry-level. Public Relations Assistant The roles of Public Relations Assistant actually fit people who are interested in maintaining relations (business relations). Few people have a great tendency to mould in with others while maintaining strong business standards and coping up with clients. Also, the companies always look at such people who exactly match their business standards while employees can learn quickly about various business perspectives. The Average Salary is $26,045.19 (USD). Sales Account Representative Attracting customers is the kind you love, you can be the right fit as Sales Account Representative (SAR). The Average Salary of SAR is $ 26,143 (USD). Enthusiasm of selling products to other businesses or consumers is your will; a great success in career is possible. Friendly nature is another basic quality that a SAR needs. The role is best suitable for entry-level job seekers. Administrative Assistant The roles of an Administrative Assistant include managing phone calls, paperwork, email correspondence, and scheduling. Also, the role of an Administrative Assistant deals with attending meetings and noting down important business points. The average salary is $25,319 (USD). These jobs are advantageous as they have day-to-day contact with multiple departments. These roles also promote better when you start mastering the responsibilities on a large scale. Customer Care Specialist The roles of both Customer Care Specialist and Customer Care Representative are the same, but the sections that both deals are different. Customer Care Specialists have a responsibility of working with other businesses that have service tie-ups. The average salary is $25,527 (USD).
Job is a place where many kinds of attitudes and thought processes go on. But as a new job holder, that where a different scenario arises. Few people tend to be nervous, while others are much excited. There might be some mixed feelings in attending a new job. Take a look at the few tips as you start a new job and are well into it. Keeping in mind the behavior you exhibit at the work environment, colleagues and your higher management respond in the similar way. So it’s always important to maintain a good rapo when joining a new job. Jobs Near Me  has listed out a few tips that guide you better at the new office. Scroll through the useful tips below. Maintain healthy work relations Try to overcome errors that drag the team into troubles. You might be new to the job, but drive in all your previous work experience to handle the situations right. However if you are a fresher, few mistakes at work and the unnecessary wordy behavior can be apologized to an extent. Learn things quickly and limit your talkativeness. Exchange of ideas, active participation of meetings, and discussions showcase the real talent in you. Control your emotions You might have a lot of confidence in achieving wonders for the new position. But don’t get carried away with too much anxiousness, the team might be not so impressed. Learn the surroundings, nature and it’s a new job for you. All the others are on a daily routine, and might feel embarrassed with the excitement you exhibit. So control emotions while reaching a new workplace and until others cope up well with you. Smarter sharing You are not in a place to share everything about you and your family. Indeed nobody cares about your personal aspects until they get to know you completely. Similarly there’s nothing important for you to enquire everything from everyone. Implement a smarter way of sharing words, speak limited about your work nature and try to understand your co-workers style of working. Analyze the way how the team speaks to you, and maintain the same for a healthy work environment. Know about the organization It’s always recommended to understand the functionality and business area of the company. You are selected to accomplish the job roles that relate your skills assessed. So there’s a compulsion of knowing the company’s culture and business goals. You should be in a position to answer your peer’s questions on different verticals that the company handles, and learn the social activities it takes up.
The interview process for experienced person/s is quite different to that of the newbie/fresher. People have different experiences as they go through the face-to-face or telephonic round of interview. Here we try to gather a few things to remember and get prepared for an interview . So here is the checklist from Jobs Near Me  portal as to get into the action of cracking an interview: Be confident always A candidate attending an interview needs to be focused and confident enough of getting through the technicality. In other words, technical rounds have an utmost importance and can promote better results for joining into the company once cleared. However skills related to communication do play a major role, as you have a conversation with the technical team and HR too. Everything is observed and the confidence in you builds a stronger way for picking you up. Preparation is the key You can’t just manage things like that, every small task needs preparation. And if you are attending an interview which leads your future, it definitely needs some addition. Surf through the internet for common questions asked for your role, else it’s recommended to chat with a known person who’s experienced in that field. You might get carried away with questions that are not answerable, think out-of-the box. You might have learnt them earlier and try recollecting them. When you are really strong with technical knowledge, there are high chances for dealing with the interview easily. Dress yourself properly A tucked shirt with formal trousers, clean boots, and proper haircut are the first impressions for an interviewer. The way you respond to his words comes later on. So be well-dressed and give an impressive style in the physical behavior. Carry a copy of your resume before you walk-in. The interview process Whatever experience you hold doesn’t matter, when you are invited for an interview. The major difference lies in the testing cycle from the interview panel. All the white-collar jobs have a major constraint of a group of employees approving the candidature. Also the candidature  may or may not be associated with a large group of employees who approve in the small and medium sized organizations. But MNCs carry such policies of driving a candidate into a role after he takes on many rounds of interview, handled by its different team members in a project. Be focused on how you answer questions. Many people take it too nervously and hurry up with words. Be sure that you are not running into someone’s head, as it might mess up your ideas for the panel members at interview. You may also have queries that allow your mind to leave with an answer. That is not a big deal, ask gently and do not re-question if you have no answer at that moment.
You might be at a dark point when something’s wrong with the current job. But that doesn’t mean to take a shift. If yes, you have decided to move your career into another field, make sure you meet the below criteria. Jobs Near Me  is making sure to help people in making wise decisions. Are you serious about changing your career and why? People have a huge intimidation in every aspect of life as they start their career, family, and whatnot. But you are into decision-making or changing your career and find jobs in something new. So make sure you are beyond thinking all the below factors and any of them shouldn’t be a reason for transformation: Too much time spent for the same role No interest in the subject or the work at a point in time Not given proper respect No progress or promotion A team that is not encouraging A general need for change. These appear to be silly reasons once you make a shift and are unsuccessful in a new path. These reasons however re-iterate to the people who plan shifting to other companies. Are you capable of moving out and bouncing in? The real tension lies in perfection. You may or may not be a person who could adjust everything. And before all that the new position or role that you have dreamt of may leave you into night mares. It’s always risky moving into another career path for many as a lot change such as: Organizational skills Ability & fund-raising knowledge People skills Ideas and getting initiatives off the ground. You may need to adjust to all the above factors and additional issues if any. So it’s better to think a lot before making a change in your career. Are you ready to start from the scratch and what about the salary? You are starting from zero in terms of work and you might also be asked to get trained. So, you are literally starting a new job. This might even defend your salary demands. Be happy with what you earn and remember to meet your domestic necessities, if you are married and having kids. So finally look into the possibilities and consequences of changing your career and make sure that are not messed up.